our Co-Founders

Jim and Cheryl Guffey had been leading a weekly Bible study in their home since 2009 when they began to sense God's prompting to do something more -- something that would require ridiculous faith. Week by week, The Guffeys and their group began their journey by supporting and volunteering at different kinds of charities around the Oklahoma City area, learning about the unique and common services, needs and challenges each one faces.

In June of 2011, the Guffeys formed The HUB Mission Ministry, Inc., focusing on charities with the Christ-centered message of Hope and Restoration.  

In January of 2012, they ended their service in the home Bible study to devote more time to their growing ministry.


 The Guffeys discovered that all charities have three common challenges:

  • a lack of monetary and material resources to meet the needs of hurting people;
  • a shortage of trained, steady volunteers to handle the charity's operations; and
  • the absence of effective resourcing between charities.

the solution

At The HUB's Volunteer Center, the efficiency of processing and packaging donations in one location enables volunteers to impact dozens of charities in the period of hours versus traveling from charity to charity. Our partners directly benefit from outsourcing much of their volunteer work with donations to The HUB, and from the collaborative resourcing available through The HUB's network of charity partners.

From a small third bedroom in the Guffeys' home to a high-efficiency Volunteer Center in Mustang, Oklahoma, The HUB is becoming a leading resource for mentorship ministries and Christ-centered charities who need free access to quality items to support their work in the community.  Jim and Cheryl appreciate every supporter of this mission, and they look forward to continued growth in their work and faith.

You are the salt of the earth ... the light of the world.  Matthew 5:13, 13-14