We all face economic challenges these days and charities are no different.  With uncertain and diminishing cash donations each year, many charities have had to balance the responsibility of managing overhead business costs with the resources necessary to adequately serve the community.  Many organizations who used to accept only brand-new material donations such as clothing, beds or baby items have had to begin accepting donations of used items.  Unfortunately, this leads to even more work on the charity's part, sorting unsuitable and poor-quality donations from good ones.  

In order to best serve any charity, it is critical to have a clear understanding of the organization's unique goals, methods and culture.  The HUB has researched the needs of dozens of kinds of charities, and has personally interviewed each non-profit partner in our network to learn exactly what they need, and how they need it.  Our goal is to be the charity's "volunteers behind the scenes," handling items more efficiently than they can do it themselves.


The HUB's processing model is designed to minimize the processing time for donations and maximize the output of great products for our partners.  

Flexibility is key in serving multiple ministries!  For example, a charity may require specific types, sizes or delivery methods for clothing donations.  The HUB's volunteers can package items by request, with minimal handling by the charity upon delivery. 


Our encounter with Jesus Christ changed us forever.  We were completely restored for His purposes and enjoyment.  Crafters understand this concept of "making something out of nothing."  Restoration and upcycling have their own unique place at The HUB.  We partner with quilting ministries, needle-work artists, jewelry junkies, woodworkers and handymen who use their creative talents to give new life to older donations. 

In-House Support 

Charities often charge volunteers with the responsibility of managing donations inside their facilities. Whether it be a clothing closet, food pantry or thrift shop, things can become disorganized in a hurry!  The HUB often assists partners with tips and training for organizing their clothing or other items.  We also help remove unwanted and overstocked donations from one ministry and reprocess those items to another ministry with a shortage, enabling both partners to maximize space.      

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